Kyle Eagleson, Chief Operating Officer, at left, with Tim Geelan, President and CEO.



Succession planning is taken seriously by the Board and Leadership of this organization. While the announcement is significant, everyone should know that this has been the plan for some time; Kyle has long been the choice to succeed me, and I have complete confidence in his ability to assume this new role.

For the next 15 months, I will work with Kyle and our Executive Leaders to ensure a smooth and seamless transition while building upon and executing GSB’s strategic vision. Furthermore, I will remain on the Board of Directors for the foreseeable future.

Please know that it has been and continues to be my privilege to serve GSB since 1994, and for the past 10 years as its President and CEO. It’s an honor to come to work every day with so many caring, dedicated people who have been part of our GSB family for all these years. I am keenly aware that none of what we’ve accomplished in my tenure was possible without the hard work and collaboration of our Board of Directors, Corporators, and — most importantly — our employees. Their trust and commitment is something I have never taken for granted.

GSB has come a long way and accomplished much over the years to become the strong, stable, thriving organization we are today. Kyle has been my trusted colleague for 15 years and I am confident he is the best person to lead GSB into the future, embodying its community roots and commitment to innovation. His appointment ensures the stewardship of GSB as a trusted financial institution, bringing the best of community banking to more people.

Please join me in congratulating Kyle on this important and well-deserved accomplishment. I know that he is excited to continue our mission— ensuring GSB remains the community bank that people deserve.